When Do You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Chicago?     

Have you ever been arrested in Chicago? You never know when you may be charged, although you are innocent. It isn’t enough if you keep repeating that you are clear; you need a Chicago criminal attorney to help prove your innocence. 

If at all you get arrested, it may be because a law enforcement officer, federal officer, or a judge believes there is enough cause indicating that you have committed a crime. The onus is on you to absolve yourself of all charges, for which you need the services of an experienced attorney. 

Chicago has a high crime rate, with Cook County alone reporting 700 homicides in 2020. Mistaken identity cases are common, and a Chicago man was detained by police officers 60 times, although he was innocent. 

What Do Criminal Attorneys Do?

They are lawyers specializing in defending people charged with any crime. Most lawyers defend businesses as well. You can hire a criminal attorney privately, or they could be working in different jurisdictions in the criminal courts in Chicago. 

An attorney’s primary duty is to defend individuals who are their clients accused of having committed any crime. They are adept at conducting analysis and research and know precisely when and how to present their findings in court to help their clients get their freedom. 

When You Need Emotional Support

You need a criminal attorney most when you are charged for a crime you didn’t commit, but no one seems to believe you. That’s when you need a supporting shoulder, and your criminal attorney changes roles subtly and plays your therapist.  

Your attorney explains how the legal system works and discusses your situation and what you are up against. It may be a while before you can be proved innocent, and you need your attorney’s support through these difficult times. An experienced Chicago criminal attorney knows the local laws like the back of their hand and knows how to get innocent victims charged for no fault of theirs. 

When You Need Solid Evidence Proving Your Innocence

The best way you can prove your innocence is by providing solid evidence backed by reliable witness statements. Your criminal attorney is the best person to procure such evidence and supporting statements, which will help build the case in your favor. 

Witnesses don’t generally come forward willingly, nor are they willing to speak openly. However, an experienced criminal attorney knows how to alleviate such fears and coax the witnesses to provide the crucial testimony, which will prove your innocence beyond doubt. 

To Deal with the Long-Term Effects of Criminal Conviction

You will be stuck with the penalties of your conviction, which will be on your records for years. To have a conviction on your record can affect your future disastrously. With your criminal conviction (although you are innocent) stuck to your records, no employer would want to hire you, and no landlord would like to let out their property to you. 

Only an experienced criminal attorney knows about the consequences of a conviction and will fight hard to ensure that you are absolved of all charges. 

Summing it Up

With limited knowledge of how the legal system works, we are often at a disadvantage. In the unfortunate event of being charged with a crime we did not commit, the only recourse is to consult an experienced criminal attorney. 

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