Used Cars that Win Top Awards for Winter Driving

The winter can be rough on a vehicle, and if you live somewhere that it sleets or snows then you know it. Used cars tend to show their age more in the colder climates, and good design decisions by the manufacturers really show their weight when the weather turns to ice and snow.  Here are a few used cars for sale that will serve well in the winter months.

Subaru Impreza

Subarus are known for their ability to adapt to challenging conditions, and the Impreza is no exception. The Impreza has all-wheel drive but excellent fuel economy, which makes it perfect for commuting in the snow. An option called “torque vectoring” will add to the Impreza’s sure-footedness on bad roads.

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S has all-wheel drive as a standard with the trims designated 60D, 75D, and 90D. Electric vehicles have no major problems with starting in the cold, and the range of 215 miles is more than enough to get through even the snowiest commute. Electric motors can achieve maximum torque from a standing start, which is a major advantage when dealing with snow and icy surfaces.

Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger comes with a standard three-mode stability control system, which can be of great assistance on treacherous roads. Although the standard model comes with rear-wheel drive standard, it is common to find all-wheel drive versions of the Charger on the used car market. Chargers are among the most popular cars in America, making it easy to shop for the options and accessories desired.


The 2016 model of the Mazda3 was a winner, garnering excellent reviews and awards for safety right and left. The forward collision warning system, blind spot monitor, and automatic braking system can all be lifesavers when visibility is low.