Australia as a country is huge and it is impossible for you to see all of what the country has to offer in only one visit. You, like many other travelers, have to go back again and again just to experience and see almost (if not all) of what the Land Down Under is known for. When planning your travel in this big country, it is important to choose and prioritize what you want to see and where you want to go. From its beautiful beaches to its jaw-dropping sites and cities, this huge country that is so isolated yet ironically one of the top destinations in the world has so much to offer.

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Without any further delay, here we break down the top things to see and do on your next travel in Australia per region:


  • Great Barrier Reef.Always first on the list of top things to see in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. One of the seven wonders of the natural world, the Great Barrier Reef is every diver’s dream to experience. The best way to experience your trip here is by diving and snorkeling, but there are also options for kayaking and helicopter tour in the place.
  • Gold Coast.Home of the Surfer’s Paradise that is known in the world, Gold Coast offers stretches of stunning beaches in Queensland, Australia.
  • Fraser Island.One of the world’s largest sand island, it is one of the coolest Australian places to see with its sand dunes, tidal pool, shipwrecks, and dingoes.
  • Boodjamulla National Park, Savannah Way.With its red sandstone cliffs that are perfect for sunset pictures and its crystal clear waterfalls, Boodjamulla National Parks offers visitors to kayak, hike, and camp in this beautiful and remote place.
  • Daintree Forest.An inspiration to the movie Avatar, this World Heritage lets its visitors trek through its jungle and discover plants and animals that can be found nowhere else in the world. You will be accompanied by an Indigenous guide from the Kuku Talanji Tribe for a Dreamtime walk here.
  • Made up of 75 groups of islands, it is dotted with beautiful white sandy beaches and is a must-see when visiting the Great Barrier Reef. There are also game hunting opportunities in Queensland, where Australia hopes to reduce her pest animal population. Hunting is carried out by the use of really effective rifles like PA-10 rifles.


  • Known as the events capital of Australia, this great city is packed with so much music, film and design festivals, sports events, theatre, and food and wine celebration.
  • Twelve Apostles.This famous attraction in Melbourne is a collection of limestone stacks that rise majestically in the Great Ocean Road.

South Australia

  • Kangaroo Island. A spectacular haven for Kangaroos, Koalas, seals, and pelicans, it is one of the best places in Australia to see native wildlife up close. Other activities to do here include visiting a conservation park, seeing the island’s Remarkable Rocks, taking a walk through the wilderness, walking among sea lions, and enjoying incredible plates of seafood and local products.
  • Barossa Valley.Home to Australia’s oldest and finest wine and most famous vineyards, a tour in Barossa Valley will take you through gorgeous countryside. Other things to do here include visiting nearby parks, biking at Barossa, meeting the locals, dining in Barossa, and visiting wineries and cellar doors.
  • Flinders Ranges.Towering with ancient cliffs and deep craters, driving through the Flinders Rangers will give you feels of driving on Mars. This place is also rich in Aboriginal history and what not miss is sleeping under the stars in luxury swag.

New South Wales

  • Sydney Opera House.The most iconic building and one of the most visited tourist attraction in Australia, Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts center located at Sydney Harbour in Australia.
  • The Blue Mountains.Another famous view that attracts visitors in New South Wales, you’ll surely be captivated by a million hectares of tall forests, canyons, and waterfalls that make up this incredible Blue Mountains. What not to miss is setting out on one of the many bushwalking trails in the place.

The Outback

 A road trip in the Outback is surely the one you must not miss on your trip to Australia. The Outback covers a large part of Australia touching nearly every state of the country. Some of the most exciting things to see here are accommodations buried underground, natural swimming pools, and the Aborigines.

Northern Territory

  • One of the most famous sites in the Outback, Uluru is most popular for its red hue, but more than just an iconic photo opportunity, these iconic rock formations is sacred to the indigenous people of the area for its ancient wisdom.
  • Litchfield National Park.With its stunning waterfalls and dramatic landscapes, Litchfield National Park will surely take all your worries away. What not to miss include swimming beneath a waterfall, and joining a multi-day tour of the park’s highlights.

Western Australia

  • Most famous for its unique landscapes, it is an ancient formation that was formed when the landscape was underwater.
  • Ningaloo Reef Marine Park.Most famous a snorkeling site, you’d be filled with awe diving into the sea with the gentle giants.


  • Maria Island.With its rugged cliffs, and mountains, and isolated beaches, and quiet lagoons, this gem is a haven for nature lovers.
  • Tasmanian Devils. A trip in Tasmania wouldn’t be complete without seeing these small creatures in this side of the country. They are currently endangered and one of the best places to see them is in one of the many wildlife parks in Tasmania.