The Three Best Films OfJagapathiBabu

Telugu movies are gaining a great response from all parts of the world nowadays. The Telugu movies are made in huge budgets under different genre and so positive reviews are poured from all regions. The famous film actors of Telugu have gained big names due to their dedication and commitment. The budget of the film is massive nowadays due to viewer’s tastes and pulse. You can now watch online those films made through some platforms. The options of online viewing are plenty and hence box office hits are very high.

JagapathiBabu is an exemplary actor in the Telugu industry having years of experience. His acting skills are seen in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam films. The actor is dedicated and committed to acting for the expectations of the audience. His involvement is the main success of his life, and hence fan following is excellent for this actor. He has won many awards in the Telugu industry for his various roles in different films. The cinema world has changed completely to cope with the needs of the present generation of audiences. Presently, the younger generation expects only fast packed film with love. Hence, a majority of producers make a film based on fans expectations to earn money. Many producers have succeeded in their attempts and some others trying to achieve.

PillaNuvvuleniJivitam is an excellent Telugu romantic film released in the year 2014. A.S Ravi Kumar Chowdhary directed this film. His expertise in the film has fetched film good collection at the box office. The top actors of the film are SaiDharamTej, Regina, and Jagapathibabu. The songs of the film are topnotch, and the Picturisation is also good. The story revolves around two politicians in a state. The total running time of the film is about 132 minutes. The actors have done their roles in an exemplary way. Hence, the movie made a decent run for any number of days in major cities.

Maharshi is another Telugu mega-hit film of Mahesh babu. This film has won the viewer’s support to a greater extent. The earning revenue of the film was about 300 crores fetching an excellent business to the producer. The top actors of the movie are Mahesh Babu, AllariNaresh, PoojaHegde, JagapathiBabu, and Prakash Raj, and the running time of the film is about 176 minutes. Devi Sri Prasad scored the music of the film. The technical aspects and the story are the major highlights of the film. The story is based on the aim of the hero becoming CEO of a company.

Pravarakhyudu is a major Telugu hit film released in the year 2009. The film top actors are JagapathiBabu and Priyamani. The story is based on the life of a professor who returns from the U.S to his native place. Priyamani has done an exceptional role in this film, along with him. The songs of the film are quite decent and earned good reputations of the fans. Keeravani scored the music and his expertise is seen in the quality of songs. The total duration of the film is about 158 minutes. Madan directed the film.

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