The silent friend of the newborns – diapers

Nothing is more important than the health and hygiene of a new born. They are so tiny and helpless and are not capable of taking care of their own. These toddlers are highly dependent on their elders and loved ones for food, health, clothes, toys, etc. Parenting plays a crucial role in a child’s life.

The baby friend:

Diapers [ผ้าอ้อม เด็ก, which are the term in Thai] are as salient in nature as the medication for the new born. Babies can’t respond to nature’s call according to the suitability of the situation and place. Furthermore, parents don’t expect them to be sensible enough.

Nappies and towels are the eminent toiletries carried by every guardian. These are good absorbent of urine and feces and more importantly a good source of maintaining hygiene. Clothes wrapped around the waist down can get wet very easily when the baby urinates whereas napkins are a kind of underwear for children to engross the liquid by not getting damp.

They come in different shapes and sizes made according to the age of the toddler. There are various imprinted cartoons and designs on these nappies that can be worn without the need of wearing a cloth above it.

Qualities of the diapers:

The qualities of these napkins are:

  • Soft – These are worn for long durations, thus, they should be soft enough to not damage the skin area.
  • Fluffy – Babies only wear what they feel is comfortable to them or else they shout their throat out.
  • Good absorbent – Quick absorbing of urine should be there and no leakage system.
  • Durable – These materials should be long lasting according to their work.
  • Stretchable – Nappies should be stretchable enough to not cause imprints on the baby skin.

Nappies are portable. They are simply a part of clothing now. Parents bring in a lot of efforts to provide the best healthy and hygienic products. They should focus on these above-mentioned qualities to put proper sanitation.

In the market, nowadays, there’s a rat race on the sale of baby products, among these, only the best has to be selected. Guardians are supposed to recognize the quality of products which will suit the type of their baby’s flawless skin.

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