The Possible Risks of Elderlies Living on Their Own

As the U.S. Census Bureau states, there are about 11 million or 28% of aging people like those who are 56 years old and up, are living alone. It could be that they really have no children to start with or most of their kids are not living in the same state with them. This does not mean that they are automatically isolated, but the fact that they are alone most of the time, is already a predisposing factor. Elderlies are not that active anymore. Even if at times they might want to socialize, but they might just decide to stay at home in the end because of a number of factors like they are tired, or no one can drive them.

If this is the situation of your elderly parents, even if you are a state away from them, you should take the time to ensure they are in amiable situation. If you think that living alone is not safe for them anymore, you can have them stay phoenixville home care service. They will be treated like part of the family, a compassionate caregiver will monitor them round the clock and most of all, it will be like they are just in a home away from home.

Check out below the possible hazards of elderlies living alone:

  • The risk of mortality is higher. It is normal for elderlies to be prone to different illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes and so on. If acute symptoms will develop, no one will know, and no one can come to their aid at once. Note that most of them don’t even take the time to talk to their neighbors.
  • No matter the reason why an elderly is living alone, it is said that if he is always sad and lonely, his physical and mental condition will easily deteriorate. It would be like they don’t have inspiration anymore. Thus, if this is the case of your elderly parents, you should take the time to check on them from time to time.

Don’t wait until you see the signs mentioned above. Your parents should be treated preciously now that they are having difficult times.

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