The answer to longevity is in your locker

The secret of longevity is in your locker and costs only 1 euro! You are not required to earn a lot of money neither to be reach in order to achieve longevity.

So, Do you want to live longer? Then read on..

Researchers from the University of California, the School of Medicine in San Diego and the University of Rome La Sapienza are one step closer to the secret of longevity.

Scientists give the answer! 


Studying the approximately 300 inhabitants of the small Italian village of Akaroli, of whom 45% are over 100 years old,they discovered what makes them good.

The Rosemary! 

Rosemary is found everywhere in the Mediterranean diet, in soups, in meats and salads, even in sweets,” says Jacqueline London, director of a nutrition-related foundation. There are researches that associate rosemary, not only with longevity, but weight loss and chronic disease prevention. “Herbs and spices in general can enhance taste without adding salt, which helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases,” he adds.

Rosemary offers a great deal in the medical field. The leaves of the rosemary have a beneficial effect on the liver, circulatory, and gall bladder. Also are oral antiseptics for sore throats, gums, and sores. Even accelerate the digestive process, reduce headaches, and fight bacteria and fungi.

The active ingredient in rosemary, known as carnosic acid (CA), can protect the brain from stroke and neurodegeneration, due to harmful chemicals and free radicals. These radicals are thought to contribute not only to strokes but to neyroekfylisis situations such as Alzheimer’s, but to the sick symptoms of normal aging of the brain.

It also has benefits as a means of preventing cancer. Using Rosemary on the roasts can block potentially carcinogenic (HCAs) compounds that can be formed when the meat is cooked at high temperatures.

The antioxidant content of rosemary makes this method possible, because of the presence of phenolic compounds. Rosmarinic acid compounds, carnosic acid and Carnosol block and block the HCAs before they can be formed during heating.