The 5 Best Home Repair Items to keep in the Top Drawer

Need to perk up your living space in light of pandemic living? Here are the five things you should keep in your junk drawer, to make life easier.

Everyone has a junk drawer that is full of all the things they think they will need some day. The truth of the matter, however, is that the drawer is usually just filled up with rubbish parts of things that you will never use again.

Do your junk drawer a favor by acquiring these five items that will help you with any and all home repairs.

The 5 Most Useful Things to Keep in your Junk Drawer

If you are looking to have a clear out, make sure you pick up the five items below…

1 – Sugru

Sugru moldable glue has a hundred and one different uses, most of which will make your life easier. It’s a sort of moldable glue that sets into a silicone rubber, hard and fast, and totally secure. 

You can use Sugru to mend a cracked phone screen, to hold your shelves up, and in place of sealant in a bathroom. It’s waterproof and strong, and it has about three decades of shelf life before there’s even a whiff of degradation. 

2 – Savlon

Savlon or germoline are a must-have for that top drawer. These little antiseptic tubes are suitable for all manner of wound cleaning. Cuts and scrapes heal faster and cleaner if you apply a little of this, and they can save you a fortune in vet’s fees, too. Take our advice and keep some in your junk drawer, it’s one of the most used products in an active outdoors household. A little antiseptic is a good way to keep your loved ones safe.

3 – Pens

How often do you walk around your house wondering where all the pens are? Keeping a packet of pens in your top drawer just makes perfect sense. Save that time and frustration while always knowing where your pens are, by simply putting a packet in the junk drawer. You might still need to replace the packet once a month or so, but it’s a start.

4 – Spares

If you have a spare key to your house and/or your car, keeping them in the junk drawer ensures that they never get lost. Straying spare keys is a persistent problem for many a household, with key racks often failing at the job. Go for the junk drawer instead… you might as well make use of the space.

5 – The torch

Another item that we always lose is the torch. We don’t think about it until there is a power cut, but we never know where the torch is until we need it. Do future you a favor and put that torch squarely into the top drawer, once and for all. From now on, every time you need it, it will be right where you left it.

Take our advice, put these items into your junk drawer, and you won’t regret it!