The 5 Best Boston Suburbs to Retire

Boston is a great city that has a lot to offer. Sure it gets cold during the winter months, but don’t let that deter you from the city’s other great qualities. There are plenty of entertainment options in the city, as well as great food and good local culture. For this reason, Boston has become a popular retirement destination, with several retirees looking to settle down in the historic city. So if you’re looking to retire in Boston, what neighborhoods should you check for Boston houses for sale? Here are the five best Boston suburbs to retire in.


Peabody is a fantastic location for retirees to settle down in. When you retire, your income shrinks and you have to make your retirement funds stretch for many years. Settling in Peabody can help with this, as the suburb has a relatively low cost of living. Peabody has frequently been named one of the nation’s most liveable cities, mostly due to the area’s great natural areas. If you want a suburb that will be relaxing for both you and your wallet, Peabody is a great option.


When people talk about the great Boston suburbs, Arlington is a common answer that is brought up. Retirees will enjoy the area’s low crime rates, ensuring they are safe in their homes with little to worry about. In terms of aesthetics, Arlington beautifully merges the modern with the historical, creating a gorgeous blend of styles. Finally, Arlington is known for its great local activities, allowing retirees to keep themselves busy throughout their later years. If you want a great all-around location to retire in, you can’t go wrong with Arlington.


Dedham is a fantastic location to retire in, as the city helps to provide retirees with what they need for a comfortable life. The town sponsors a system known as the Dedham Retirement Board, an organization designed to provide secure retirement benefits to retirees. Outside of this, the area is also home to dozens of senior amenities like fitness centers and pools, making it easy to stay healthy and in shape during your retirement years.


Many people know Salem from the infamous Salem Witch Trials, but the area is actually a great suburb for retirees. As you might expect, Salem is a very historical town with lots of interesting history to study. You can see this manifest in the area’s architecture, as you’ll find several Colonial-style homes in the area. Of course, there are still plenty of activities to enjoy as well, especially with all the tourists coming into the infamous location of the Witch Trials. If you want to live in a beautifully unique location once retirement comes around, Salem provides the perfect opportunity to do so.


Another fantastic retirement location in the Boston area is Stoneham. The suburb has a variety of great housing options available, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for in your retirement. More importantly, the community is densely populated with doctor’s giving you plenty of options when it comes to healthcare. In your retirement, your health will deteriorate with age, so living in a community with a strong medical industry is a huge bonus.