Storage Containers Rental: 5 Things to Inspect Before Signing a Contract

A storage container is something that comes in handy when you need extra space for your personal belongings. With thousands of storage containers available for you to choose from, it seems as easy to get the paperwork done and your property safely tucked away. But wait, is renting a storage container really that easy? How sure are you that the container you’re getting is in good condition? Is your property protected from any damaging elements? Well, it takes a great deal of vigilance on your part in order to get the most out of storage containers rental.

So, to keep you and your property on the safe side, here are 5 things to inspect before signing a contract.

  1. Tiny Holes

It is rare to find an empty storage container with gaping holes but if you look close enough, you may find tiny holes near the base, corners, and edges of a particularly old storage container. It could be due to years of use or the lack of proper maintenance. Remember that storage containers are made of steel/metal, which corrodes easily if the storage container isn’t well maintained.

You have a good chance of finding holes if you carry out this inspection during the day with the doors closed and all the lights turned off. If you notice even the tiniest hole, avoid hiring that container. It takes only one hole for pests, water, and other destructive agents to sip in and access your property.

  1. Too much Rust

A bit of rust is a normal sight on storage containers. These containers are made of strong materials that make it hard for rust to eat away into the container. Most of the rust you see only appears on the surface. However, if you notice that there are a bit too much rust covering large parts of the storage container, it is better to continue looking until you find the right one. Too much rust is bound to gradually spread and eventually turn into holes.

  1. Suspicious Dents

If you notice deep dents, especially on the roof of the storage container, move on to the next container. Dents can hold water, especially during the rainy season. Water combined with metal causes rust which leads to holes creating a clear passage for the water to eventually leak on to your stored property. The whole point of keeping your belongings inside a storage container is to put them somewhere safe where they won’t get lost or damaged. With a storage container full of dents, this goal can easily be curtailed.

  1. Harmful chemicals

Storage containers are initially used for shipping before they are repurposed for other use. You never know what the container was used to carry and whether or not it was treated with chemicals to make it waterproof or airtight. To find out if the container you are about to hire was exposed to chemicals, look for any unusual stains or spills.

  1. Grading

Before every shipping container is released for repurposing, it is allocated a grade. The container’s age, condition and miles travelled are used to determine this grade. Always ask for the container grade to learn more about the history of the container and be able to tell how much refurbishments/repairs have been done on it.

Inspecting the state of storage containers rental is an important process that you need to undertake before signing on any paperwork. This way, you are sure that you are renting a container that’s worth your money and have the peace of mind that your property is always safe.