Sahoo – Telugu action movie, which you should not miss


There are huge fans for action movies and action heroes.  A successful path of action movies will help the lead roles to achieve stardom within a short period. In this sense, our Telugu heroes are trying to impress the audience with action movies. While searching about action movies in Telugu movies, Sahoo will be in the first line among the action movies in Telugu. The aha movies added Sahoo in their Telugu movies library.  So, let’s check the story, artists’ performance, technicalities, highlights, etc before going to watch the movie online.


Roy (Jackie Shroff), Devaraj (Chunky Pandey) gang fights continue for supremacy. In the battle for supremacy, Roy dies in an accident. Roy will be replaced by his son Vishwak (Arun Vijay).  2 lakh crore will be looted in that order. Ashok Chakraborty (Prabhas) comes as an officer to investigate the case. He falls in love with Amrita Nair (Shadda Kapoor) who took up the same case. Plans are afoot to capture the black box needed to crack the case.

Why did Ashok become the officer Sahoo who set foot as emperor? Why Sahoo tried to grab the black box in pursuit. What is the role of Neil Nitin Mukesh in this story?  What were the reasons behind Roy’s death? What efforts did Devaraj make for the black box? Who is the real thief in this story? Who are the real police? Who succeeded Roy? What was the love of Amrita, Sahoo at the end? Sahoo’s story will answer the questions in the movie.

Artistes’ Performances:

Prabhas’ performance in the action sequence is extraordinary.  In the climax, he played the role with emotional content.  There is no doubt that the superhero image has taken over the Indian screen.

Shraddha Kapoor, the Bollywood actress, who has been seen as a glamour doll till now, has shown in a pivotal role.  Also impressed as a girl who stands between emotions.

Arun Vijay appeared in a crucial role as a Mafia gang leader.  He played the role well in turning the story around.

The role of Neil Nitin Mukesh is also very important.  Neil’s character turns positive with a twist in the interval.


The director Sujit designed Sahoo with lavish visuals, the taking and action sequences are next level to the Telugu movies.  He proved to have the capacity to handle huge budget films gracefully with Sahoo.  Prabhascan be said to have succeeded in creating the feeling of being an Indian James Bond.

Shankar Ehsan Lay’s background music and songs are main assets to the film.  The performance of the art department in this film is excellent.  The art department was successful in making the film rich.

The main attraction to the movie is Madhi cinematography.  Both the chasing scenes and the action scenes were screened to Hollywood standards.  Foreign locations are wonderfully and beautifully painted. Kenny Bates action choreography looks like magic on screen. Action episodes give a new feel to the Telugu audience.

UV Creations has created Sahoo to tell the brilliance and Technical Vision of Tollywood to the world.


Prabhas High Voltage Performance, Shraddha Kapur glamor, performance, Director Sujit Taking, Never before action sequences, lavishness, etc.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Prabhas, Shraddha Kapur, MandiraBedi, Jacquilin Fernandez, Jokey Shroff, Niel Nitin Mukhesh, Mahesh Manjrekar, Arun Vijay

Screenplay & Direction: Sujith


Music:Gibron, Guru Ramdhava, Badsha, Shankar Ehsan Lay

Producers:Vamsi Krishna Reddy, PramodUppalapati, Bhushan Kumar on UV Creations Banner.


Sahoo is the newest, high voltage action thriller ever seen on the Indian cinema screen. Sahoo is a high-tech film that transcends Tollywood and Bollywood.