A pool party or beach evaporative air cooler will do the magic of cooling the air. Air cooler is suitable for so many purposes that you may not know one of which is pool or beach party. If you are planning a pool party or a beach party and you feel there might be so much heat even in the open and close to the water you can still make the air around you cool and very fresh. Do you know that portable air coolers can be used at your pool party or beach party without fear of getting it spoilt with water? Normally, air coolers are water friendly and cannot get spoilt easily from water splashes or having contact with a little amount of water.

Another reason why air coolers are suitable for your pool or beach party is that they are easy to move from one place to another without you having to carry them while planning for your pool party or beach party or even while the party is going on, you might be too tired to lift or carry anything bigger than a cup of drink, a plate of food or your camera or phone, so it might be difficult or strenuous to lift any other type of cooling machine you might be using but if you go with an evaporative air cooler and air conditioner you might not need to worry about that because beneath it you will find wheels that makes movement possible and easy by just dragging or pushing it while you walk, easy? Very easy!  

Another reason why a portable air cooler is best for your pool party is that it runs on water, air coolers function by you adding water to their tanks and getting them plugged because you are having access to water especially if it is a beach party you won’t need to be looking for water to run it. Finally, an air cooler is best for your pool party or beach party because it is an outdoor event and air coolers are said to be best used outdoor because they are exposed to fresh air and they work perfectly fine like that, they don’t even run on fuel or gas which might not be so good for outdoor events. evaporative air cooler is suitable for your pool or beach party because it doesn’t need to be fixed or attached to something before it starts working, just position it anywhere you please and then you can enjoy your air conditioning without stress.