Peek at the Beauty of Bunaken National Park, The 3rd Best Tourism in the World

As a maritime country, Indonesia is famous for its rich waters as well as the ecosystems that inhabit it. One of the proofs is the existence of the Bunaken National Park in the east of the archipelago.

The Enchantment of the Beauty of Bunaken Marine Park

Besides Manado City and Tomohon, Bunaken Marine National Park is one of the tourist attractions in Manado that offers Indonesian exoticism. This place is a haven for various marine species and millions of other charms. In fact, Bunaken tourism has been named the third-best tourism in the world!

This is because Bunaken Island has the beauty of a marine park with various types of ornamental fish and mermaids. The beach area is also beautiful, in the form of a stretch of white sand that adorns the beach area.

The northern part of this area is used as a comfortable place for tourists to sunbathe, swim, dive, and snorkel. For diving and snorkeling tours can usually be done at a depth of 25 meters.

To be able to reach the bottom of the sea, visitors will be taken by boat first to a location that has a glass bottom or catamaran / glass-bottom boat. Not only underwater views, but there are also shipwrecks whose ages have reached 50-60 years.

The sunken ship is also a special attraction for divers. In addition, you can also find rock cliffs shaped like a cave which is located about 50 m below sea level.

To make it easier for you to explore the beauty of the Bunaken marine park, here we summarize some of the famous island locations on this tour.

  • The first is Bunaken Island which has several tourist spots with amazing charms. Among them are indentations 1, 2, 3 Fakui, Tanjung Parigi, Mandolin, Ron’s point, Muka Kampung, Pangalisang, Sachiko Point, and East Bunaken.
  • Second, there is Manado Tua Island which includes Buwalo, Pangalingan Negeri, and Tanjung Kopi. On Manado Tua Island, you will be pampered with white sand and the beauty of the Marine Park. You can also feel the sensation of climbing Mount Manado Tua and witness the natural charm of Bunaken from a height.
  • Third, there is Mantehage Island which offers the charm of Bango and Tangkasi.
  • Fourth, there is the exoticism of Nain Island in the form of Stone Ships and Waterways that you must see for its beauty.
  • Furthermore, there is Siladen Island which consists of Siladen 1 and 2 which also offers a beautiful stretch of white sand and a view of an underwater garden. So that you are more satisfied with your vacation here, don’t forget to also explore Mainland Sulawesi, especially in the Tanjung Pisok and Molas areas.
  • Finally, you can close your holiday event by visiting Arakan-Wowontulap. What’s going on in Arakan-Wwontulap? Here, you can dive and see the seaweed habitat which is also a favorite place for dolphins and turtles.

Bunaken Marine Park Attractions: The Diverse Ecosystems of Bunaken

If above we mentioned several tourist spots in Bunaken, now we will talk about s the attraction in the form of the diversity of its ecosystem. As is known, many species of both flora and fauna live in Bunaken.

No wonder the number of visitors to Bunaken National Park has never subsided, both from the archipelago and abroad. Bunaken is a haven for various types of coral reefs and hundreds of types of fish not only that. This location is representative of tropical aquatic ecosystems in Indonesia.

Interesting Diverse Coral Ecosystem, Flora & Fauna

This ecosystem consists of seagrass ecosystems, mangrove forests, coral reefs, and terrestrial or coastal ecosystems. The islands and the waters in them are so rich in flora and fauna. The waters of Bunaken National Park have 13 genera or genera of living corals dominated by various fringing and barrier coral reefs. It is also recorded that there are about 91 species of fish living in these waters. Anything? Among them are gusumi horse fish (Hippocampus horse), yellowtail passi (Lutjanus kasmira), and white oci (Seriola rivoliana).

Then there are goropa (Epinephelus spilotoceps & Pseudanthias hypselosoma) and ila gasi (Scolopsis bilineatus). There are also species of grouper, snapper, and napoleon fish that live along the coral wall. A lot, isn’t it? So don’t be surprised if the data says that almost 70% of the world’s species exist and live in this national park.

One of the other marine inhabitants that are very interesting to see is the Hawksbill hawksbill turtle. This rare turtle is designated as an endemic inhabitant of the underwater world of Bunaken National Park conservation. Other marine inhabitants that you will meet are tree damselfish, clownfish, angelfish, and many more.

For those curious about the types of fish above, let’s just prove it by trying diving and snorkeling tours in Bunaken. More than just cute fish you can see while diving, Bunaken is also a haven for animals in the sea and on land. The proof found many types of crabs, shrimp, mollusks in these waters. While on land, there are several types of birds, namely seagulls, cranes, and sea pigeons. Not to forget there is endemic fauna such as the Sulawesi black monkey, deer, and polecat.

Exotic Beach and Mangrove Forest

Besides having the charm of coral reefs, various types of fish, and other fauna, Bunaken also offers a very exotic beauty of the coastline. How come? There are various mangrove plants such as Rhizopora SP, Lumnitzera SP, Sonneratia SP, and Bruguiera SP. While on Bunaken Manado beach, you will be spoiled with a flock of dense and beautiful mangroves.

Biodiversity Heaven

Not only mangroves, but you will also see several other plants living, decorating, and providing coolness to this area. A number of these plants are palm trees, sago, silar, coconut, and woka. The plant gives its charm. In addition to making this area cool, these plants will also protect you from the scorching sun. With the diversity of flora and fauna in Bunaken, around 20,000 residents of this area are very dependent on the existence of Bunaken National Park.

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