Marriages are a success only when both partners are responsible

Marriages are done only when one individual starts trusting the opposite partner completely. The trust and faith in between couples make their bond more strong and special. To make marriages successful it is better to attend marriage therapy.  The basic principles under this counselling are as follows;

  • It is important to recognise and appreciate each other
  • The counsellors have a quite unique personality and some sets of values
  • There are often cases of divorce; to reduce these rates marriage therapy can be effective
  • Negative cycles occur in between each couple, which is tried to remove through this therapy
  • The different reasons for conflicts could be ego, jealousy, improper communication; which is resolved through this marriage therapy
  • These therapy brings about changes in health, finances and also physically

Every relationship has ups and downs. It completely depends upon the couples who live with one another to sacrifice their lives for each other.  The best way is to communicate with each other on grounds of emotions as well as perceptions.

The better the couples actively listen to each other and reveal everything in front of the therapist, the better it would be. Everything between the third party and the married couples should be exactly like a transparent sheet. The role of the therapists includes the following:

  • To help maintain a comfortable and cosy atmosphere around the couples
  • To help them recall the emotional events that has taken place in their lives
  • To try changing the perspective of one partner against the other
  • Provide expertise advice for the couples to understand better
  • Deliver appropriate information regarding improvising their bond
  • Advice the couples for taking vital decisions in their lives
  • To bring about a new, strong and positive bond in between the couples