List of Food to Try on Morocco Tour

Cultures influencing Morocco dishes are French, Arab, Jews and Berber. Below is a list of food to try on your Morocco Tour.


Tagine is really a traditional cooking vessel made from unglazed clay or ceramic. It is cone-shaped with wide and shallow base. Vegetables and meat are layered at the base. Spices and herbs are spread on it. Little slurry or water is added. The dish is allowed to cook slowly for a couple of hours. The cooked meat or stew is moist and flavored. It is served with rice, bread or couscous. 


Couscous is Maghrebi dish, which includes tiny steam balls made from crushed wheat semolina. Traditionally it was served with stew on top. It can be added in salads or used with curries. Traditionally, you can find it at majority of cafes and restaurants on Friday [Muslim holy day] or special occasions. If you like it asks your guide from Marrakech Food Tours for the recipe. 


Common side dish, which is generally served with crispy bread. Tomatoes, garlic, eggplant, spices, and olive oil are used to prepare this spread.

Fish chermoula

When sea food is grilled or baked chermoula is used. It is a combination of spices and herbs. The flavors of chili pepper, coriander, onion, or saffron is obtained depending on the ratio of mix. You will even find it in the form of dipping sauce.


Moroccan lentil soup, which is served as started. The locals use it during Ramadan, when they break their whole day fast, at twilight.


Patilla is favorite of foodies, who love the blend of salt and sugar. Pigeon was used in the past to make this flaky pie but today chicken is used.


Makouda is a street food. Potato slices are dipped in thick spicy sauce and deep fried.