Labuan Bajo Indonesia the Gate into The Komodo Island

Labuhan Bajo is one of the villages at Manggarai prefecture in the Province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. This village is dominated by the Sumbawa. The culture majority of them function as farmers, and the village’s supply is coconut, hazelnut, and cacao. Villagers depend on their residents to be farmers in their village, either hazelnut farmers, coconut farmers, or even the coffee producer. Besides that, character riches that Labuan Bajo had, Labuan Bajo has many other attractions to be seen. In this opportunity, this article will direct you to locate Labuan Bajo city’s attraction point.

In the historical story, Labuan Bajo is Portuguese land from the 14th to the 15th century. Because previously, the islands of East Nusa Tenggara, firstly visited by the Portuguese that also comprised of Labuan Bajo. Portuguese arrived at East Nusa Tenggara since it was a spice sanctuary. Labuan Bajo had several nature riches such as coconut and coffee, which was famous due to the quality. Suddenly Labuan Bajo was the trade region from the Portuguese. Until the Dutch colony came, the wealth of Labuan Bajo was the attraction that brought the attention of other countries.

In the tourism and cultural aspect, Labuan Bajo has a few interesting points. Labuan Bajo has an indigenous ethnic known as Sumbawa ethnic. The culture is the legacy of their ancestors, such as Bala Rea home. Bala Rea house is the local home that has a unique structure to be seen. It’s the palace from the past, and in the north, there is the ancestors’ grave. At the west of their Bala Rea palace, there’s a Kingdom’s mosque called Nurul Huda Mosque. This place is interesting to be seen as soon as you get there.

Another attraction is, of course, Komodo. Komodo is a unique creature that can only be seen at East Nusa Tenggara, including Labuan Bajo. Komodo attraction on this island has become the most popular place in Labuan Bajo. The transport in Labuan Bajo is diverse; you will find water transportation, road transportation, and air transportation. Commonly it’s controlled by road transport which has public and private transport. Besides road transport, you will find an airport for air transportation in Labuan Bajo, known as Komodo Airport. It is located in Labuan Bajo, only 4 Km from the city.

Labuan Bajo Airport.

Labuan Bajo Airport is the perfect location for adventure. From here, you can establish excursions to Komodo Island and Rinca Island to see Komodo dragons and its seas that famous for the best snorkelling and diving spots in the region. This location becomes a tourist destination due to adventures and amenities. On the flip side, Labuan Bajo airport is the tiny domestic airport that gives access to Komodo Island, Labuan Bajo, Flores, and its surrounding area.

The name Komodo Airport came from the main location, Komodo District of West Manggarai Regency. It is one of those six regencies in Flores Island. Previously, it had been called Mutiara II Airport. This airport is mainly appropriate for smaller jets and propeller crafts, by a short runway. Together with Komodo Airport, you can walk around the staircase and proceed to visit your preferred spot. The Komodo trips are the ideal thrilling tours in Indonesia because of its mix of experience and sightseeing — rare animals, amazing turtles, and magnificent scenery.

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