How to embed google doc in wordpress?

If you belong to that group who loves to create content with the help of WordPress which can be challenging some times. WordPress doesn’t allow real-time collaboration with other tools. If you use google doc with WordPress then this can be one of the best ways of using WordPress. When you copy-paste the content in WordPress from the google docs, here you will not get any problem relate to style or formatting.

Benefits of using Google Docs with WordPress: 

As you may know, WordPress is the Content Management system (CMS) then also people use Google Doc. In many organizations, Google Doc is one of the preferred methods as they can easily edit and draft it in a middle for later.

There are many benefits of using Google Docs with WordPress such as collaboration with the team members, no annoying windows and tab switching when you publishing the content, and easy translation of styles to your published format. In the WordPress dashboard, you don’t need to give your team access so that they can give their contribution to the content you have written.

Google Doc to WordPress integration:

when you are planning to integrate Google Docs with WordPress this many surely sound you challenging. If you seriously invest time in this then you will find that it is quite simple. There are some of the steps that you have to follow such as downloading Google Docs extension.

Google docs to post to WordPress

The jetpack which is also known as makes the process of posting to WordPress easily from google docs. All you have to do is to ensure that you are already having a google Gmail account with a pre-installed jetpack and also make sure that the WordPress site configured with that. Registering with account is also important.

  1. You need to download google docs.
  2. Add the WordPress site is the option you will see on the right side of the page.
  3. After signing in you need to select the site you want to add content in. if you have many sites then you will get all the options then you can sign it without any problem.
  4. Once you have reached the site you will get taken back to the Google doc where your article or content is there then you need to add that content on your WordPress.

Using Google Docs to Post to WordPress 

Fewer times it may be closed by your time to embed google Docs in WordPress. The step can be easy if the embedder plugin of google drive used. WordPress admin dashboard is having the plugin already which can embed the google doc. Automatic synchronization is made for the changes that have been done in google doc and so it is very simple. Those days are now gone where you need to upload contents in multiple places.

  1. first, you need to install Google Drive Embedder and the login through Google Apps in the WordPress that you already have and then you have to activate the plugins function.
  1. Using two codes from google you need to connect configure the google apps login plugin with the google account. Then again you need to enable the checkbox for the access of google drive in this process.
  1. Add drive file is an option that you will see on the screen in your editor windows when you will create a post. This will help in embed files from your google drive.

People who are indulged in writing content and posting it online of their website WordPress and Google Doc can help a lot.