How to avoid pedestrian accident at night?

Travelling in a heavy luxurious sedan at the speed of 70mph sounds quite dangerous than walking across the street, but pedestrians are exposed to serious injuries than people sitting inside the car.  The recent survey also admits that pedestrians are 1.5times more likely to get injured in a road accident than drivers.

How can you ensure that you stay safe, despite following traffic signal rules while on foot? Walking at night can be quite risky as it’s darker and tough for drivers to see the people on foot and moreover motorists usually drive at high speed in the night.

Here are some ways you can increase your visibility, thereby minimizing the threat of being hit by a car.

Bright dress

Wearing dark attire in the night can only worsen the situation! Since there will be a dim light, it’s better to wear bright or white colored apparels. If you usually take a long walk in the night, you can also purchase headlamps or reflective vest for better visibility.

Prefer sidewalk

It’s quite obvious that drivers aren’t expecting to observe people walking on the very close side of the road and if you’re walking on the shoulder, then you don’t expect the motorists to slow down the car. It’s better to take sidewalk to keep yourself far off the road.

Remain alert

If you’ve to cross the road, do it at the designated places where there are stop signals or spotlights. You can also make an eye contact with any stopped car drivers to confirm that they’ve seen you crossing the road. You can also try to alert them by showing mobile torch light so that they figure out that you wish to cross the road.

Be alert and cautious all time to avoid mishaps. In case you’ve fallen victim to road accidents, you need to consult Austin pedestrian accident lawyer to determine how to proceed with your claim.

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