Holiday Tech Gifts You Aren’t Considering

The holidays are here and this is the perfect time to stock up on all of the latest technology. Of course, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday you are getting some amazing deals on TV’s and laptops and headphones… the usual stuff, but are you considering some of the more fringe pieces of technology that can really take your work to the next level?

Let’s take some time today to really consider the pieces of technology that you might have forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

LAPTOP DOCK: Unless you are a professional film editor or someone doing all sorts of visual rendering on your computer, you PROBABLY have a laptop. The thing you may not have considered is that your laptop can be so much more powerful with a dock. Most laptops these days trade slim profile for ports and battery life, but a dock can not only extend your battery life, but your storage and all of your ports. Never again will you have to unplug one USB device to use another, the dock has got you covered and then some.

HOME DEVICES: I just wanted to include this category because although I’m sure you’re getting bombarded with advertisements for discounted Amazon Alexas and Google Home devices, are you seeing the price drops on NFC door locks and Ring security doorbell systems. These devices that are designed to run your home on WiFi are just as important these days as a new TV. TVs you can buy cheaper right before the Superbowl anyway, so why not focus on some other electronics now that you maybe didn’t consider.

WIRELESS CHARGERS: These were all the craze right when they came out and cellphones began to accept this charging input, but most people have their wireless chargers now and they’ve forgotten about this piece of tech. Well you’ll potentially be surprised to learn that this product line has developed since you last looked. There are different strengths of charging now and even some companies that are making these chargers look gorgeous by adding beautiful wood elements and colorful resin to make it a piece of art… like this company.

VACUUM CLEANERS: This one should be obvious but I don’t think it is because some people don’t consider vacuums to be all that much of technological advancement, but you are wrong if you think that because vacuum cleaners are the first autonomous robot that we have allowed into your home. The Roomba just hangs out at your house and just goes out and casually vacuums your whole house without even asking you. If that’s not technology, I don’t know what is.

Don’t just settle for the same old sales you are used to this Holiday season, branch out and stock up on all of the items you might have forgotten to investigate. Technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, and as we become more and more immersed in it, it will be more and more difficult to stay on pace with it, but the holidays are a great time to try!

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