Everything You Have to Know Before Snorkeling in Labuan Bajo

Indonesia as an archipelago nation will always be related to its underwater beauty. Having many dive spots is an attraction for local and foreign tourists to spend their time chatting with beautiful fish that play coral reefs. Talking about best national parks in usa map guide dip areas, many dive areas in Indonesia are gorgeous manta rays, including Nusa Penida, Derawan, and Manta Point at Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo.

Manta rays measure more than 3 meters. It’s an exceptional shape like a plane. Additionally, some individuals gave him the nickname devilfish.  It’s an intriguing spectacle for sailors. Since the ‘base’ for manta rays, Manta Point Komodo National Park, has strong currents so that you have to be very vigilant when diving inside this area.  However, if you do not have a driving license, snorkeling may be an additional intriguing choice.

  • Find a comfortable bathing suit.

Special garments are needed in case we want to do tasks in the water. Using suitable swimwear will not make us sleepy easily because of the weight generated in the clothing you wear when from the water. Besides that, it will also make it simpler when we do “stride” in the water.

  • Must check other snorkel equipment

Much like diving, assessing the mask and fins have to be carried out. If needed, don’t neglect to inspect the life jacket (buoy) so that it can float on the water. Make sure everything is based on our body size, not too big or too little, because after it can hinder our movement onto the water. Before wearing the mask, apply soap into the inner glass of this mask and rinse it to prevent fog when we dip. When using it, make sure that no hair gets into the mask because it will allow water to mask. Don’t let your opinion be obstructed to have the ability to see the manta rays “flying” from the water.

  • Don’t forget to prepare for selfies with manta rays

One of the mandatory equipment that needs to be attracted into the water is the underwater camera/activity. It’s unfortunate if the actions of the exotic aquatic creatures are not immortalized. We could even take selfies with them in the water. Always put the camera in on mode to acquire moments that we can’t predict.

  • Have to Swim slowly

Getting close to manta rays would be very hard. The slight movement we trigger will blow them away. One of the tips for getting close is swimming slowly toward the beams. Don’t make abrupt movements that may push them away. Manta rays are considered among the most exotic aquatic animals. Even though it’s not as dangerous as beams generally, it does not indicate that we’re able to go about bothering them. Always keep a safe space and calmly capture the moment of their curling.

  • Pay attention to the direction of the water flow!

The water currents are quickly enough from the water should allow us to be cautious. Do not let’s not pay attention to the management of the flow, and it ends up causing us too tired. To stop fatigue once the current is strong enough, constantly swim at the path of the present and don’t fight it. This way, we’ll conserve our energy to have still the ability to play mantas.

  • Pay attention to the distance between friends.

One factor that has to be taken into account when snorkeling is always paying attention to friends around. Often we forget and are too cool to play, take pictures in the sea, so we overlook the people swimming around us and end up swimming away from the group.

  • Never underestimate afloat.

Do not take this equipment lightly. Even when you are good at swimming, that does not mean that you won’t become tired. In addition, the underwater currents that are very quickly at Manta Point allow us to be extra careful while appreciating the view that is presented. Don’t allow unwanted events to happen to us and can be problematic for hers.

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