Creating An Organized and Highly-Efficient Condo Kitchen

It goes needless to mention that kitchen is the heart of the house and is generally the busiest of all spaces. Nothing in the world is more dreadful for a homeowner than kitchenware clattering to the floor every time you open your cabinets and dish shelves occupying most of the counter, leaving no space to prepare your food.

A smart-design kitchen enhances the functionality of the space and turns every cooking in the condo ( ทํา อาหาร ใน คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) into an enjoyable experience. Here are some of the expert-approved tips on how to pull off the pleasant-looking condo kitchen.

Expert Tips For An Intelligent Condo Kitchen

Swap The Kitchen Walls With An Island Table

If you have opted for a kitchen renovation, then you can suggest your interior designers break the kitchen walls that are dividing the kitchen from the remaining part of your house and replace them with a peninsula/island table. This table can prove to be beneficial when you are preparing meals or having your food.

Invest in Eye-Catching Tools

You might shy away from breaking the kitchen walls, considering the clutter that lies behind you. But why not consider putting your stylish cooking accessories and tools out on display? A few of the trending condo kitchen organizing tips are:

  • Moving your spices to transparent jars with digital labels
  • Hanging red pots/pats against minimalistic steel counters
  • Transfer coffee powders into ceramic storage containers

Arrange the Storage Bins According to their Use

While storage bins are excellent for storing your kitchen essentials, they can hinder your cooking process when and if not organized properly. Preer placing the kitchen tools like a can opener or sifter beneath the table where you usually sit to prepare your ingredients.

Buy Customized Pantry

Tell your carpenter to craft you a shelf-equipped cabinet where you can store your cans and bottles. While you might think that wicker baskets are great, they are perfect for holding smaller things like snacks. As for placing your pantry, it should always be installed away from the windows, as a large majority of food items are recommended for cool storage.

There are some of the smart ways to maximize your cooking in the condo. The best way to achieve your dream condo kitchen is to be transparent about it when talking with your interior designer. The entire concept behind an ideal kitchen must be about enhanced productivity and safer cooking.