Cheapest Water Drop Full Screen Mobile Phone

The HONOR 8A mobile phone released by HONOR is the cheapest water drop full screen mobile phone. As a low-cost entry machine, is HONOR 8A worth buying? Today, let’s have an understanding of it through a detailed assessment.

The exterior of HONOR 8A is made of plastic body material. However, the design of the imitation metal middle frame and the glass rear case makes it look different from the ordinary plastic case mobile phone visually. There is no obvious sense of cheapness.

The front is equipped with a 6.09-inch 1560×720 pixel pearl full screen. As the water drop screen is conducive to increasing the proportion of screens, the proportion of screens has reached 87%. The price of about 100 pounds also makes it the cheapest water drop full-screen mobile phone so far.

On the back, a double stitching contrast design similar to HONOR 8X is adopted. Micro USB interface is at the bottom of the fuselage. This interface is a normal design for entry-level smart phones. This smart phone adopts a three-card slot design. It can support dual card + storage expansion at the same time. Expansion is convenient. This is very commendable.

Users who like to take photos must want to know the configuration of the camera. The machine is equipped with an 8-megapixel front camera. It supports intelligent skin beautifying and face thinning functions. You can adjust the beauty level with one key. It can meet the needs of most users such as daily selfies and videos.

It is equipped with a 13-megapixel single camera. F1.8 aperture. It can support automatic HDR function.

This smartphone runs EMUI 9.0 system based on Android 9.0 depth customization. As a first-line mobile phone brand, HUAWEI EMUI system has performed well in word of mouth. Simple and generous interface design has rich functions and high smoothness in use. It can also support AI intelligent background management. All these make the whole system more intelligent.

As an entry-level mobile phone, this smart phone is also more suitable for middle-aged and elderly users who do not require high performance. EMUI 9.0 supports simple mode and is very simple to operate.

It can support the identification of pseudo base stations, intercept spam information and fraudulent phone calls. It can amplify the volume outside the independent high-power Smart PA power amplifier. For the older parents and users, this function is considerate.

It supports ordinary 2D face recognition. It can quickly unlock face recognition in 0.3 seconds. It can also be matched with the hand-raising and screen-lighting function of the mobile phone. Especially in the daytime when there is sufficient light, you can raise your hand to illuminate the screen and unlock the function. It is really very convenient to operate.

As a first-line mobile phone brand, the EMUI system it carries can even be said to be quite good in word of mouth. You can log on to HONOR store to learn more about products and make purchases.

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