Buying a new air conditioner? Keep these things in mind

You will do your best when you are being in amongst the most comfortable position. Similarly, any kind of maker will carry out the best on mounting it accurately. Otherwise, the device will cry out for upkeep more regularly. In a similar way, the Air Conditioning installation needs to be accurate!

You will choose an AC with the most effective setup, and choose the best area in your room, but your work is not over there. It is required to get the Air Conditioner devices correctly mounted to achieve optimal performance. The performance of an AC system setup relies on its precision!

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So, recognize yourself with the formalities of Air Conditioner installation. Undergo complying with checkpoints before repaying all the cash to the professional:

Home Window Air Conditioning Unit Setup:

Window AC setup is like cooking a ready-to-make food, as it compromises a single system that is simply fixed in the window. Mount the window AC system in the balance of the window.

Install the window AC system with appropriate cushioning to soak up the resonances. You can make use of at the very least 2-inch or 50mm wood frame for cushioning the Air Conditioner device.

Care: If the window Air Conditioning setup remains in an aluminum window, it will create unneeded noises.

Split A/C System Setup:

Split ACs have two components: An outside AC system and an Indoor AC system.

Indoor AC Device:

The interior AC unit holds on the footplate. We recommend screwing the base plate on the wall like a durable surface. It is needed for the home plate to be in a real straight position for the uninterrupted flow of water and coolant in the system. You can inspect the Indoor AC installation horizontally by using a spirit level.

Care: If the interior Air Conditioning system installation remains in a tilt position, the compressed water will not drain properly.


It is known that water locates its very own means. The evaporated water from your indoor Air Conditioner system drains out via drainpipes. The correct pathing of these drains is very essential.

It is really crucial to provide an upright decline of 1 foot instantly near the result of your indoor AC system, to prevent the reverse water flow into the system. A sloping drainpipe will also assist to path the water to the drains.

Normally, specialists or AC installers conceal the drains in the wall surface area or furniture. So, check the leakage prior to concealing the drainpipes.

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