Building Your Own Skateboard Ramp

Having a skateboard ramp under your possession is a luxury in it’s own. It let’s you try out new things and fulfill your hunger for some skateboard action whenever you need.

But buying a good skateboard ramp is not affordable for everyone. That is where the word “DIY” always comes in. Yes, you can easily create a great looking skateboard ramp by yourself. But before we mention the brief steps, keep in mind that it is not recommended to build the ramp especially if you do not have any prior knowledge of DIY. This might expose you to injuries if the strength is not enough for a skateboard ramp.

Start The Designing Process

First of all, see how much space you can safely allot to the skateboard ramp. Choose the right size after eliminating all the storage issues.

  • Analyze the place you have, and how much of it you can safely use. Make sure you do not become a headache for your neighbors.
  • Decide an appropriate storage space for your skateboard when it is not in use.

Decide on The Type

After considering the space, this step usually depends on your skateboard skill level. Select the right skateboard ramp type depending on your priorities. Do not try new things unless you are an expert.

  • Never build the ramp only for the trucks you know right now. You will be learning new things, so, add other shapes as well.
  • Do not hesitate to shrink the size of the ramp if you have a small available space.

Draw The Design And Get It Checked

After you have all the things sorted out, you can grab a pen and paper and draw the whole model on a piece of paper.

If you are not an expert, do not hesitate to get the model checked by an expert’s for any amendments.