Best plugins for Creating ‘Coming Soon Page’ on WordPress

Over the period of time, your WordPress website needs maintenance. WordPress updates take a few seconds, but what to do in situations where there is a need for hours or days or weeks to fix a crucial technical error or revamp the website. In these circumstances, the website can be placed under construction, so users and search engines are informed of what is happening

How WordPress site is placed under construction or coming soon page?

You will need to install WordPress coming soon plugin, choose a relevant pre-designed template, tweak it as required, and click on the under-construction mode. Rather than displaying a disordered website framework to your potential customers or visitors, they will see a simple page telling them about the redesigning or the maintenance schedule. You can even redirect them to your social media page, where you have shared your company videos and images.

Coming soon page can also be used before pre-launch of a new website. It helps to generate a buzz and create excitement among the targeted audience. Visitors will be on a watch for what your brand is all about and is it going to be helpful to them. Make sure to include a tempting message that draws visitors’ attention on the day of your website launch. It is a good way to promote your brand before it goes live.

Reviews of the best coming soon & under-construction page plugins

Under Construction Page [Rating – 4.7/5.0]

There are more than 210 templates bundled inside this plugin. Every week new templates ranging from landing pages to sales to maintenance and coming soon pages for every niche is added. You get to enjoy other great features as well such as –

  • Drag & drop builder helps to customize and deploy in seconds.
  • SEO analysis tool support.
  • Add Google Analytics to monitor your traffic.
  • Add social buttons.
  • Only whitelisted user/s can see the site work-in-progress.
  • Supports caching plugins.

UCP plugin has 380,000+ happy users and 3,550,755+ downloads. Act wisely and join the bandwagon!

Maintenance – [Rating – 4.5/5.0]

You can get your website under maintenance in seconds. There is a single template, and you just need to configure the background, logo, and text. It’s done and ready!

  • Enables and disables 503 errors.
  • Customize it via settings to make your logo, background image, colors, and text to look great on every device.
  • Supports subscribers & lead collection via MailOptin connected to autoresponders & MailChimp.
  • Add booking and event calendar to the maintenance page via Amelia.
  • Admin bar status.
  • Google Analytics support.

Maintenance is easy to set up the plugin, and supports 19 languages! People who may not use countdown timer and need a straight forward plugin to create a maintenance page can opt for this one.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Pages for WordPress [Rating – 4.6/5.0]

This plugin offers professional and customizable 120+ themes for every offline and online business niche. Users can craft an awesome Coming soon or maintenance page in less than 4 minutes. The plugin is capable of eliminating the process complexity. This bundle offers multiple features like –

  • Preview & activate the theme directly from the plugin.
  • Drag & drop builder allows arranging the 10 modules.
  • Add transparent, static, or animated background.
  • Choose a background from the gallery holding 400,000+ hi-quality images.
  • Upload logo.
  • Add a logo title for good SEO.
  • Configure the header text and font.

If you are not satisfied with the plans you purchased in a 7-day trial period, a 100% refund is offered.