Best biking tours in Perth

Nearly everyone in Perth has a bike, and it’s not weird to see people riding for fun or fitness. From cycling to work to joyriding on a weekend, there are many biking tours that can be taken around the city.

Being a great city for biking, Perth is also a great place to learn how to cycle. Whether you want to ride for fitness or just have fun with your friends, Perth has cycling trails that are suitable for both newbies and experienced riders.

If you’re a beginner, there are several places in Perth that will help you learn the art of riding a bike.

The Swan River Cycleway

The Swan River Cycleway is a flat and scenic cycling path that runs side-by-side with the river, so it’s great for beginners.

When choosing your bicycle, make sure to think about where you want to ride first. If you plan on riding around town or along the Swan River, choose a bicycle that is light and easy to steer. On the other hand, if you plan on riding up hills or mountains, make sure to get one with low gears.

Guildford Road Cycle Link

If you want a challenging ride around the hills in Perth, this is it! This 24km-long cycling track from Midland to Forrestfield will have you climbing uphill for over 15 minutes. If completing a hill climb is your goal, this is the perfect trail for you.

The Bibbulmun Track

Rather than a cycling track, it’s more of a hiking trail that happens to have a section where riders can cycle along its course. The path runs from Kalamunda to Albany and passes through seven different forest areas in Perth.

Perth Bicycle User Group (BUG)

Cycling with a group or club is definitely safer and more fun than riding alone. If you want to make new friends while getting in shape, check out the Perth Bicycle User Group (BUG).

This BUG has been running since 1980 and they often go on Sunday biking tours every month. Most of the time, they meet at 8:30 am and ride for about 80-120km.

Rottnest Island Ferry & Bike Trip from Perth or Fremantle

If you want to get out of Perth and explore the surrounding areas, take a ferry ride from Perth to Rottnest Island. This 5–6-hour trip might be long but the views are worth the hassle! Once on Rottnest Island, there is a cycling path that runs parallel to the beach which you can use for your ride.

After your long cycling trip, take the ferry back to Perth and enjoy city life again! If you don’t want such a long ride, there is also a bike-only ferry (by the same company) that goes straight from Fremantle to Rottnest Island and vice versa. The entire round trip will be around 12 hours, so make sure to pack a lunch!

The Swan Valley

If you’re looking for a short and charming cycling trip in Perth, The Swan Valley might just be what you want. This 29km-long biking path has been around since the 1980s and it goes from Guildford to Helena Vale. It’s mostly flat and there are various points along the way where riders can stop and look around.

Helena Valley to Midland

This is one of Perth’s oldest cycling tracks, originally built in 1910! The track starts from Helena Valley and goes all the way to Midland. It mostly runs through open spaces with lots of greenery, giving you a very relaxing and peaceful experience.

The Kalamunda to Mundaring Weir Trail

This is an easy and flat cycling track that starts from the rail trail in Kalamunda. The path runs for about 25km, reaching all the way into Queen Elizabeth II Wildflower Park which has lots of native flowers that bloom in springtime.


Perth has a wonderful cycling scene that is perfect for people who want an escape from their busy weekday routine. Whether you plan to take a leisurely ride or try out some challenging trails, Perth has something to offer everyone. Does this article interest you in finding someone to keep you company in Perth? Log on to Ivy Societe, and make sure that your interests are well met.