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Safety is vital to all humankind. It helps you to stay away from many negative cause and effects that may be a threat to your life as well as your belongings. This is why many of us take care of ourselves, our houses, our assets, and other possessions to stay away from such harm However, have you ever wondered if you require safety on your smartphone as well? Of course, you do.

This is because your smart devices are the most frequently used devices in the modern world, and it contains almost all pf your private and confidential data on them. With the numerous apps that is being used in today’s world, all of your social media access can be obtained within seconds if you lose your phone or tablet to someone who may tamper with them.

This will result in harmful activities being performed as you or to you. Furthermore, sensitive data such as your personal information, bank account details and such information may also be stored on your devices which you need to make sure is very safe. So, to avoid such harm taking place, AppLock– Lock Apps will allow you to lock away all of your super important apps while providing safety to both you and your digital assets.

About AppLock APK

The app comes with a lock which you can set yourself using a fingerprint, pattern, passcode, or any other way you wish, multiple styles of locks as such to different apps you require to be kept safe, intruder selfies to know who has accessed your device, and a battery saver and phone cleaner all in one! All of these features are offered to all android users for absolutely free!

With the multiple passcodes to your apps, you can now keep your social media apps as well as the apps you use to chat super safe. None of us would want our chats to be read by an intruder, would we? So, you can now add a lock and keep them away from doing so! The intruder selfie feature will click a selfie of the nosey person who has been trying to access your phone. This way you can decide what to do with that individual once you identify them on the selfie.

There are other tools like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner and AVG Cleaner with app lock. Those apps have extra features like Junk cleaning, Performance boost, Battery saver and more. You can download Clean Master which is all in one Android optimize tool from AC Market.

If you do not want anyone to know you have been using the app for your safety concerns, you can also use the fake icon so that nobody else would know to locate the app on your device. The app also allows you to save your battery power by stopping apps from restarting and also killing background tasks that lead to wastage of battery power. You can also get rid of all those junk files that have been accumulating space on yourdevice and constantly running out of space.

The app never uses any of your private data and will keep you safe from all of the intruders and threats that the digital world has to offer. So, stay safe with AppLock!

Download AppLock APK

This is a free Android app locker available on AC Market app store. First download and install latest version of AC Market apk. Then replace it as the default app store. AC Market will provide automatic updates for all your apps and games. You can download ad-free and premium apps from AC Market for free.