Aha launched the Galli Sampath movie for the Telugu audience.

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The Tollywood industry is called the king of the movie industry. Telugu movies are one of the most demanded movies and are liked for the excellent content and superb quality. Telugu movies and web series form the perfect blend of dance moves, soothing music, action, and story. The audio-visual experience that one gets after watching Telugu movies is so enchanting and attractive. During the present era, everything around us has changed. People think a lot before moving out of their houses. The Tollywood industry always stands around the corner. It offers all the latest movies online for the audience to watch at their happy place with buckets of popcorn and drinks. Choose your favourite Telugu movies watch onlineGalli Sampath being one of the Telugu most demanded movies.

Galli Sampath is a Telugu movie produced by S Krishna, SahuGarapati, Harish Peddi and directed by Anish. Galli Sampath is one of the funniest Telugu movies, which is streaming on the Aha application. It was released on March 11, in the year 2021. GaaliSampath lived in Araku with his son Soori, named Vishnu. They both lead an everyday life.

One fine day, their life takes a dramatic turn when Sampath, his father, could not speak. He couldn’t talk as his vocal cords got damaged in an accident.

The prefix Galli was added before his name because he stayed mute, and he used to produce air while he speaks due to the accident. Galli Sampath is passionate about acting. Due to his passion, his son’s love life got affected, and his son’s dream of owning a truck got vain. And it ultimately affected the relationship of father and son. The son then yelled and shouted at his father. Sampath got disappointed and sad, left home, and fell into the well. The movie revolves around how Sampath survived and how they reunited at the end of the film.

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