A Simple Guide on Hybrid Rigid Flooring – Features and DIY Installation

There are so many flooring options available today that choosing the right rigid floor for your home can become an overwhelming job. From different styles to textures, different materials to various installation procedures, we have so much to consider before we finally decide which floor will become a part of our home infrastructure.

You can reach out to local businesses in your area to personally look at different options, know the benefits and cost-effectiveness of all of them before making a final purchase. The local contractor can also help in getting the flooring installed in your home in the shortest possible time.

You can also look for business owners providing different flooring systems in your area at bleen.com.au which is an online Australian business directory that has categorized all local businesses according to their service area and industry type. You can check for ongoing deals, read customer reviews, and select a reliable contractor based on its ratings.

Features of Hybrid Rigid Flooring

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It is a waterproof, scratch, stain, and dent-resistant flooring especially suited for homes and commercial spaces in areas that have more than average rainfall throughout the year. It gives you the feel and look of a hardwood floor but is more durable and much easier to maintain.

Although it has a similar structure to vinyl flooring, it is more rigid and sturdy and thus is preferred for it is easy to install. Some salient features of the hybrid rigid floor are:

  1. It is a 100% waterproof flooring system, so it can even become a part of the bathrooms where you cannot install hardwood floors for they can swell with moisture.
  2. It has a wear layer that makes it resistant to scratches and stains too. Thus, even if you have pets at home, you can easily maintain this floor.
  3. It is dent-resistant, so you do not need to fear even if a heavy object falls on the floor.
  4. These floors usually come with a long-term warranty and are very durable to last decades.

Steps involved in the DIY installation of hybrid rigid floors

  1. Read the manufacturer instructions carefully.
  2. Clear the room of all furniture and old flooring.
  3. Remove any old adhesives from the floor.
  4. Clean the floor and let it dry completely.
  5. Gather all the tools needed for installation as mentioned in the instruction manual.
  6. If the instructions ask you to acclimate at certain temperatures, do so to prepare the flooring for installation.
  7. Check the guidelines for subfloor requirements and trim preparations and follow all the instructions as mentioned.
  8. Establish a point to start the installation and connect boards to one other and slide it gently to create a floating floor over the subfloor.
  9. Once you have covered the entire room, remove all the tools and clean the floor with a cleaner as instructed in the manual.

On the contrary, you can also be a professional to install hybrid rigid flooring for your home especially when large areas are involved. You can Brows directories such as Bleen to find a reliable professional installer who can get the work done in a short period and with greater finesse.