A Detailed Guide on Working of a Dedicated Server

A website needs to be stored on a webserver to be made accessible to people online. You can purchase a web server or rent it from a web hosting company. Based on your requirements, you can rent a complete server or a small part of it. Web hosting companies offer different hosting servers to help site owners get the server resources they need. A Dedicated Hosting Server is one where your site is the sole user of the server and all its resources. Here is a quick look at some important aspects of a Dedicated Server that will help you understand how it works.

The Hardware

When you have the entire server dedicated to your website, you choose the server configuration based on your needs. Hence, you can customize the hardware by choosing the kind of processor and cores, the traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Dedicated Servers or Solid- State Drives (SSD) Dedicated Servers, RAM, etc. Based on your site’s hosting needs and future expansion plans of your business, you can choose a server tailored to your website. This helps ensure maximum uptimes and reliable site services.

The Software

Once the hardware is in place, you need to start looking at the software. Think about the operating system that you would prefer like Windows or Linux Dedicated Servers. Also, if you are planning to create virtual servers on the Dedicated Hosting Server, then you will need virtualization tools. Further, you will need a good control panel to run and manage your server efficiently and install any software that may be required based on your site’s needs.

Since the server is dedicated to your website, it is one of the most effective hosting services available and also the costliest. It offers a range of benefits like:

  • Optimum site performance – Having dedicated resources ensures that server resources are always available to your site. On the other hand, in a shared environment, the resources can get diverted to other users. Hence, Dedicated Servers ensure optimum site performance.
  • Top-notch security – Not being in a shared environment also helps boost the security of the server. Also, you can install any third-party software and make changes to the system settings and configurations with full root access to ensure top-notch security of the server and your site.
  • Flexibility and Control – When you own or rent a Dedicated Server, you are free to create a hosting environment you want with complete root access to the server. You can choose any operating system, install any software, make system changes, and add resources if needed. This allows you to have maximum control over the hosting environment.

Summing Up

A Dedicated Server is an enterprise-grade web server that allows you to host your website. While any site can use a Dedicated Server, it is especially beneficial to sites with heavy traffic, customized applications, and others where performance is critical. Although site owners need some technical expertise to run and manage the server, many hosting companies offer managed Dedicated Hosting plans where a technical team, assigned by the host, takes care of the server management tasks on behalf of the site owner. If you are looking to host your site on a Dedicated Server, then ensure that you research and choose the right option for your site. Good Luck! 





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