4 Common Misconceptions about Rummy Game

Card games have always been riding through a grey area when it comes to the Indian subcontinent. Playing card games is a common pastime among Indian adults and is also an integral part of many traditional practices. However, there are many misconceptions surrounding this game that inhibit players from completely enjoy the online games.But, once you clear the misconceptions regarding the rummy game, you can find a thrilling instrument for pastime. The following information illustrates the four common misconceptions regarding rummy in India.

Rummy is Illegal in India

The biggest misconception regarding the rummy game in India revolves around its legality. Since rummy is a card game, common assumptions in the Indian society consider playing rummy as gambling.

However, the Supreme Court of India provided rummy with the tag of ‘skill-based game’ in a ruling in 1967. The apex court reaffirmed the ruling in 1996, thereby assuring that players are not indulging in gambling by playing rummy.

Readers should note that playing rummy requires many skills and the ability to use the cards to your advantage. Players have to implement logical reasoning, mathematical probability estimates, and in-depth knowledge of the game’s rules for winning.

Only Luck Can Help You Win

Luck does not have any place in a rummy game. Once you have been dealt the cards, your success is in your hands! Players need to practice continuously and work on crucial skills such as concentration, memory, and planning for improving their expertise. So, you cannot win rummy with just luck as in other card games such as Poker or Teen Patti.

Waste of Time

You can learn something new from every new experience in rummy. For example, learning from your mistakes that cost you previous games. Your chances of winning in rummy depend on the implementation of the right strategies at the right time. In addition, playing one round of rummy does not take too much time, like other indoor games.

Therefore, you can be sure that playing rummy would not waste any precious time that you can invest anywhere else. Online rummy portals also have games to win real cash, thereby adding more value to the time you spend playing rummy.

Loss of Social Contact and Possibilities of Addiction

The final yet most prominent misconception regarding rummy in India is that you would lose social contact. The misconception also points out that a lack of social contact can lead to addiction. However, online portals allow you to play the rummy game with real players rather than bots. Therefore, you can make new friends while playing rummy itself.

Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence to prove that playing rummy regularly leads to addiction. Players could practice moderation in their gameplay schedules to avoid excessive indulgence in the game. Other than this, most of the reliable rummy sites promote responsible gaming policies which help players refrain from getting addicted to the game.


So, we could clearly notice that overcoming misconceptions about rummy is the first step to enjoy the game. The discussion showed that the misconceptions about rummy primarily focus on its legality, time consumption in rummy, and the role of luck in the game. However, you should not let these misconceptions hold you back from enjoying one of the best card games. Pick a reliable online rummy portal of your choice and get started without any worries right now!

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